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Are you tired of constantly being in pain, sitting in the hair salon for long hours and your Locs being too heavy?

You are spending roughly $100 every single month or two on a brand new hairstyle that causes you agony and don't last long! , So what if you could keep your loc wig lasting months or even years without ever having to think about being in pain or always going to the salon? Well....! this is where Claire helps you solve all your problems so you can be happy, relieve your scalp from trauma and save yourself money. Claire will protect those edges and roots from falling out! 

Save yourself the headache and frustration of going to the salon and breaking your hair and make more time to feed and grow your hair while you look good wearing a wig that looks like Locs coming from your scalp.

This wig is 12 inches made with a 13 x 6 frontal